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10151229_10202126054447678_290922196_nMy name is Nuria García, but I’m better known as Airun Garky. I’ve been fangirling in a respetuos way for a long time, always trying not to cross the fine line between passion and obsession (how hard is that, huh?).

It rapidly became a lifestyle: having fanpages, social media, websites, sharing news, going to events… Now, I can proudly say that after years in this universe I can attend events as press, because as my friends would say “you work so hard that it’s almost like a job for you”, and some people value that, enough to give me a chance to demonstrate that I am more than a young girl behind a laptop’s screen.

FANGIRL/FANBOY = Means more than most people may believe.

I love to respect privacy, if you’ve been following me for a while you would have noticed that, and that includes my own private life so I won’t give away too much details about myself, I’m going to say that I am a writer, with two published in books in Spanish, I teach and I have another job; yes, I still have time for my lovely websites. I have a dog (Flash!), I’m from Spain, I love travelling and if you wanna know more, you better become my friend!

I have more websites than ChrisEvansFangirls.com! You can find me in AirunGarky.com, website written by fans for fans about TV Shows and Movies, and other fanpages like SebastianStanSpain.com or EspFallingSkies.com.

I’ve been following Chris Evans‘ career for what it seems an entire life, and this website was created after a dearest friend of mine, who knows me very well, created the Twitter account as a Christmas gift. Then, I made the Facebook page, Tumblr blog and this wonderful website.

Don’t get confussed about the FANGIRLS word, fanboys are welcome too! And I’m not a crazy fan… Just a funny one! #Kidding If you ever feel offended about something I do or say, let me know! I always try to be respectful and follow the law but hey, we all make mistakes or have a bad day! And yes, I do respect copyright!

You can probably know me because I helped you to understand what’s behind a fanpage: respecting copyright, the actors private life, how to use WordPress, manage social media… Or you can know me because we both were in the same event/comic con (not necessarily for Evans), or because you were following me in another fanpage, or because destiny just wanted our paths to cross, who knows!

Welcome to my website, feel free to share it, write comments and visit my social media.

Cheers & #MuchLove


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