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[Video] Chris Evans’ interview for Gogoboi

Gogoboi has released this new interview of Chris Evans, from when he was in Shangai in September. You can watch the video below!

Chris was promoting the Gucci Guilty fragance, hope you enjoy the 6 minute interview! I must say that Chris talking about a fragance and trying to think some logical answers to those questions was pretty funny, he was very professional. I’m pretty sure I would have used my WTF expression at some point…

In a more serious note, Chris also talks about his future as an actor and director, he will try to direct another movie in 2016, great! And of course, he was not allowed to talk a lot about Captain America: Civil War.

And… Not a fan of shaving! We haven’t noticed! Some questions were so… LOOOL He dealt with them very well! By the way, why did they have to add music during the interview?… And those clips from movies…. Now I know for sure what NOT to do if I ever have the chance of interviewing Chris… lol

Write in the comments your thoughts about the interview!


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  1. eeva_ilveskero@hotmail.com'

    You tell ’em! I would be annoyed too if someone was taking pics about me when I was working.

    Those people should just back off. Do they know how to run a fan site, and if it’s vids/pics from the set, they could just google them.

    Those videos/pics are more or less full of spoilers anyway, so I avoid them for that reason too. Obviously some people can’t just wait for the movie.

    *Here patiently waiting Cap 3 and Gifted*

  2. eeva_ilveskero@hotmail.com'

    Not gonna watch the trailer, even if it’s probably totally amazeballs, but these posters are freaking cool! Fingers crossed that Iron Man doesn’t steal Cap’s spotlight.

    Wonder how much they took stuff from the Civil War-comic(s). Go Steve! The prize of freedom is high, it always has been.

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