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Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) Ph: Jay Maidment ©Marvel 2015

DISCUSSION: Avengers: Age of Ultron – Did you like it?

Hello my friends! Here we’re going to talk about Chris Evans‘ latest movie: Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The movie has already been released worldwide, so it’s finally time to talk about it with freedom, be aware that this post may contain major SPOILERS about the movie.

It’s the very first time I’m doing a post like this and if it works and a lot of people comment, I will do it with other movies in the future 🙂

Let’s go with my thoughts on the movie (not all of them, I don’t have 5 hours to write them all haha!): I was not disappointed but I think the final cut (not talking about the end of the movie, I mean the scenes and the story they decided to show/choose) was not the best one that Joss could have offered us. I enjoyed the movie, oh I did. So many good moments, maybe some inappropriate jokes and an unfair development in Natasha & Bruce‘s relationship (they deserved more minutes to can understand the progression of their relationship) and WTF, Hawkeye’s family? It was a big surprise and I have to say I loved that touch of love and family that they offered, I just think it wasn’t introduced properly.tumblr_nntd79AkPE1r077jro1_500

Let me explain: Hawkeye deserved much more attention from the beginning (of Avengers (2012)) that letting him be like the main character of Age of Ultron in this sad way (poor me, are they gonna love me? Will they care about me enough? Am I worthy to be an Avenger?) was not as good as I think they wanted it to be. My mother’s words: “The actor got tired of being practically invisible and he got mad at Marvel, and Marvel needed a safe house and an excuse for other things in AOU and boom, this just appeared in their minds and they thought it was cool. Well, it wasn’t that cool.”

About the villain of the movie, Ultron, so so so many jokes, I got tired of him. I remember Paul Bettany saying in a recent interview that The Vision and Ultron are opposites from the same coin, sorry but I haven’t seen that. In terms of “good or bad”, probably, but for being both results from the same “mind”, they are far away from being that similar/opposite thing. I loved The Vision, by the way 🙂

Have you noticed that there are a lot of scenes/moments shown in videos or pictures that haven’t been shown in the movie? I know, the DVD/Blu-ray will have a lot of deleted scenes but alas, they had other scenes to choose, maybe with those the final cut would have been better? (Talking to myself lol)

And well, other characters being unfairly mentioned or the lack of backup/explanations on Thor‘s actions… And where is Loki? I know Joss said Tom Hiddleston‘s scene didn’t fit well but hey, there’s another reason why in my opinion their final cut was not the correct. And please, everyone can have an opinion, I’m not messing up with everyone, I hope no one insults me in the comment section 😉

tumblr_nnkk3hZymy1rq6dzao1_250And now, let’s talk a bit about Steve… The progression of his character is probably one of the best in the movie, despite I was expecting him to finish the movie in some kind of “fight” with Tony to introduce Cap 3, I loved how they put him in charge and made him suffer. Yes, you’re reading fine. Suffer. Like a true soldier fighting for the good cause. Like a good friend fighting to do what’s right in order to save his friends and innocent people. Suffering like only Steve Rogers would suffer and then getting stronger (inside and outside) and finding a reason to move forward and continue with his life: right now, that is teaching at the Avengers school (¿? academy? Not sure how to call it). And with Natasha by his side! A very nice touch but a sad ending for her and Bruce.

Anyway, there’s still plenty of story to be shown at the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I honestly think they could have done it better with this movie’s plot to redirect future movies.

Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts! Please, be respectful. You can ask me questions if you want, I will try to answer asap 🙂

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