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[Interview] TIFF14: Chris Evans says that “The only thing I’m pursuing now are directing projects”

But! Despite the title, don’t be sad. I’ve been saying for months to many fans that Chris Evans is NOT retiring from acting. He is focusing on directing right now, so forget all those fake titles or articles you’ve read in the past months! And now, read this recent interview of Chris for EW.com during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

Before We GoBefore We Go, was written originally back in 2007 and set to premiere on Friday. The film centers on two characters meeting not-so-cute during one very long night in New York City. “I needed something simple, manageable, and isolated. And I like those movies anyway,” he says. “It almost feels like a play. I like things that have limited people, a finite amount of time. It almost reads like Neil LaBute.”

Evans is already bracing himself for a divided reaction to the film. He and his producers have held early test screenings and are prepared for not all audience members to love the ambiguous conclusion to the story. “Do you know how many discussions I had with my producers who wanted me to reshoot the ending? I’d rather have my audience go home and talk about why it’s unique and what love means as opposed to them going home and feeling warm and fuzzy.”

“The only thing I’m pursuing now are directing projects. Who knows, in five, 10 years I may miss acting and want to do that, but for now, I really, really like directing, and I’d love to keep doing it.”

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