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[Video] Chris Evans knows the entire plot of Captain America 3.

Chris Evans for MTV.com:

And guys, Chris Evans knows the entire plot of Captain America 3.

“It’s this giant web of plot, where everything is connected to everything else… that’s the beautiful thing,” Evans told MTV News, “and especially for the fanboys who understand these plotlines. With Cap 3, we’re going to continue this excitement.”

Well, Chris, those fanboys, us included, have a bunch of theories about the sequel, mainly that Cap will split from the Avengers and lead a new group of heroes. “What do I think about this, what can I say about this?” Evans wondered aloud. “You wanna give something!”

“Marvel doesn’t disappoint,” Evans finally said, after much inner conflict. “Whatever you’re hoping for, you’re probably going to get.” Another rumor is that Cap might hand off the shield to one of the other characters, though Evans was not happy with that one. “Who’s handing off the shield? Don’t take my job from me prematurely dude,” Evans said. “I’m sure it’ll happen at some point, all good things have to come to an end. But I’m really happy playing the character.”

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