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Interview: Chris Evans says that Captain America has changed his life.

Leaving aside the obviousness of the title (I’m still wondering why they haven’t wrote a more original title in their article), this interview from ComicBook.com is very interesting and we can see (one more time) why all fans in the world are so proud of Chris Evans.

Please, to read the complete interview, visit the source. I’m gonna write here the most interesting parts, but I don’t want to take all their views so visit them for more, thanks!

Do you think it’s going to take as long this time for you guys to work as a team or do you start out bonded?

No, we start out as a team. The first movie, you have to establish the kid of team dynamic but with this movie we get to hit the ground running. We’re already a group, we’re already a team dynamic and [Ultron] throws a bit of a wrench in the works.

How has the experience of playing Captain America changed your life?

Oh, how long’s the interview, man? In every way possible. it’s personal, emotional…I was apprehensive jumping on board but in retrospect it was the best decision of my life. It’s afforded me a lot of creative opportunities outside of the Marvel franchise and it’s afforded me a lot of opportunities to learn and grow as an actor and as a person and it’s endless, really.

You’ve revisited the character several times. What makes it exciting each time?

Knowing that it’s going to be a good movie. Honestly, if you were a part of a franchise and you weren’t proud of the initial product and you realized early on that these would be continuous products, nothing more, which I think we’ve all seen in terms of franchises, it would lose its luster and you’d have a hard time as an actor gearing up again. But working for Marvel, you feel supremely confident that you’re making something fantastic that people are going to love.

And it just, as an actor, it makes you excited and it makes you eager to jump back in and do the best work you can do because you know they’re going to do the best work they can do.


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