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Summary with SPOILERS of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Thanks to AirunGarky.com, who saw the movie yesterday, we can read a summary of what happens in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

There is not the 100% of the movie, just important things so don’t worry, you can read it because I promise you that you will be surprised when you watch it, even if you have read this.

I will write only a part of the summary, go HERE to read everything.


During the first 30 minutes of the movie the new characters are being introduced, also the ones we already know. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is getting used to the modern life, something we learn when he met Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and told him that Internet is very useful.

After the cataclysmic events in New York with The Avengers, Captain America is now working for SHIELD, with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and new characters as Rumlow. They go to a new mission: save a SHIELD’s ship in which Batroc and his men have kidnapped some agents from the agency.

tumblr_n2mp6nOE4N1rgp5wmo8_250The fight scenes are enviable, being Cap’s shield the main protagonist for several minutes, Cap defeats every guard while the team secures the rest of the ship. When the hostages are safe, Natasha is not in the meeting point, so Cap looks for her. Batroc attacks him, but Cap wins easily. When he arrives where Natasha is, he discovers that she and Fury (Samuel L Jackson) were hiding part of the mission. Natasha was doing a back up of the data in the ship.

After Rogers and Fury have a discussion for having secrets, we know a new character:   Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford), council member and secretary. Nick confronts him and tells him that they should postpone the launch of the new ships, which were previously introduced into the story when Nick tries to explain to Steve the reason for the “division of labor” by Natasha.

Those ships have an algorithm that could even know if in the future a person can be potentially dangerous for the world. Wanting to to use them to protect the people, Nick believes that until we discover what is going wrong in SHIELD, they should not start using them. And that information that Natasha found on the boat turned out to be mysteriously codified by “Nick Fury himself,” who had no idea and could not decode it.

The confusion begins to take sides, not only for viewers who see how the plot is taking form but Steve Rogers begins to have doubts about whether he should do, continue working for SHIELD or leave it. In some emotional scenes, we see that Steve visits the Smithsonian, a museum with the history of Captain America, HIS history. Old pictures and videos, in the speakers a man is telling the story of his past and how he become Captain America. After spending more time watching the picture of Bucky Barnes, and a video of Peggy telling how he saved the world, he decides to visit her… An old Peggy has a talk with Steve, at first she is talking without knowing who’s him. Then, she recognizes him… What a touching scene… Steve was very shocked.

When he returns home, he crosses his neighbor, Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp), and after a little flirting and see how Steve still does not know how to treat women, is shy and somewhat nervous, enters his home and finds Nick Fury wounded waiting for him…

The past always comes back.


A masked man (Sebastian Stan) got beat Nick Fury after he almost had succed escaping from some “police men”… The special effects throughout the film are outstanding. Nick Fury narrow escape!

Going back to the story, Nick Fury starts saying to Steve what’s going on and when they are getting ready to leave his house, someone shoots 2 or 3 times Nick and he lies in the floor, bleeding as hell… Steve sees the misterious man again and follows him… Just after Steve’s neighbor enters his house with a gun, she’s agent 13 and Nick told her to put an eye on him, to protect him.


“Don’t trust anyome”. Those are the last words that Nick Fury says to Steve, after giving him the USB data of the boat. When Agent 13 comes, Steve does not trust her, but leaves Nick with her when he follows the villain…With the following gif I summarize what happens next…


Nick Fury dies. Maria Hill, Natasha and Steve had hoped he could be saved, and for the first time in a while we could see a desperate Black Widow, whispering  ”Don’t do this to me, Nick. Don’t do this to me…” again and again. But Nick dies, leaving them alone.


Not knowing who to trust, not knowing if he can not even trust Natasha, he meets with Alexander. The secretary and council member makes it clear that he will not let anyone stand in his way to find the culprit of what happened to Nick. With distrust as a main dish, Alexander ordered to attack Steve. But Steve is not stupid and escapes, leaving the USB in a safe place… In a vending machine. After escaping, he comes back, without wearing his uniform to get the USB back but it’s not there. It’s then when Natasha appears and they have a discussion. She tells him that the USB is in a safe place. We can see that Steve doesn’t trust her at first, but then she tells him that it was The Winter Soldier who has killed Nick. So they start working together.


The Winter Soldier is a ghost,and pursue a ghost is not easy. But there’s always an Apple store in which you can use your USB and see what’s inside, right? They find out enough information to know their next move, they have to go to New Jersey, exactly to the the place where Steve trained for the army. Escaping by a whisker and using no violent methods, they leave aside the agents of SHIELD and go to New Jersey.

Arnim Zola, right hand of Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, was captured by SHIELD when the agency was founded and forced to work for them, who took that opportunity to keep alive HYDRA, inside SHIELD. Now it’s only a computer but… Everything fits, SHIELD has been controlled by HYDRA, guiding every step of the agency to their interests, the ships being their next target, by using them to kill millions of people.


Falcon’s character has been a big surprise and a huge success in the film.

Later, The Winter Soldier attacks them, taking place the first face to face with him and Steve. After Natasha shoots him in the glasses, the Winter Soldier unveils his eyes. The Black Widow gets by without getting badly hurt… Steve arrives just in time to prevent The Winter Soldier killed her and there begins the turning point of the film.

Who the hell is Bucky?

tumblr_n2mp6nOE4N1rgp5wmo6_250The mask falls off during the fight, that’s when Steve discovers that he is Bucky Barnes and yells his name, but The Winter Soldier responds “Who the hell is Bucky?” and continue the fight. Natasha appears, balancing the scales in their favor and the Winter Soldier to escape, blows up a car. Steve, Natasha and Sam are arrested, although Hill was an infiltrated agent and helps them to escape.

Captain’s orders.

Maria Hill takes Steve, Natasha and Sam to a hideout where we see one of the Russo brothers as a doctor, this time closer, and Nick Fury is alive. Can not they kill someone who is already dead, right? They plan their next move, and to stop the launch of the three ships, to prevent massacre innocent people they must implement a chip on each ship, not only in 1 or 2, in them all. Steve gets his old costume from the Smithsonian, that’s when Stan Lee makes his cameo by finding the dummy without the suit and cursing because surely he’s going to be fired because of it.

But, how? They can’t kill everyone from SHIELD, most have no idea that HYDRA is in charge. Then, they must inform them! They get into the building, and Steve gives an impressive speech in which he recounts HYDRA plans and askes not to launch those ships. He knows he is not alone in this war and motivates others to fight for the right cause and don’t be driven by fear and don’t do what HYDRA tells them to do.

Said and done. When Rumlow tells an engineer to activate the release of the ships, he refuses and Rumlow asks why… “There are Cap’s orders” And suddenly… BAM! Action begins. The Agent 13 prevents that Rumlow blows out the boy’s head and she is wounded but not seriously. Other soldiers try to avoid the release of the ships but Rumlow activates it. In every corner of the agency agents begin to confront each other, exposing those who are of HYDRA and SHIELD. But SHIELD fall one after the other and while Steve manages to place a chip on the first ship, Sam is having quite a few problems when several ships are trying to hunt him. Finally, Sam is able to put the chip in the ship. There’s only one ship more…

When some guys from SHIELD prepare to give air support to Captain America, Bucky Barnes appears and starts busting aircraft, destroying everything, including Sam, who loses a wing and has to land on the building, leaving Steve at the mercy of the Winter Soldier.


The full council had met in the building to see the launch of the ships, so when Steve says the speech and reveals the true identity of Alexander Pierce, he intends to kill them when… A counselor begins to clobber him and the other gents that were in the room. But it was Natasha who was hiding behind the mask of the council, she retains Alexander Pierce and beginning to reveal all the secrets on the Internet, both SHIELD and HYDRA, but that means her past will be revealed too… Nick Fury arrives to complete the process and at the end, Alexander Pierce dies.


With you all the way.

The last battle between Captain America and Winter Soldier. Steve doesn’t want to fight, not against Bucky and tells him, trying to make him remember who is he, but it doesn’t work… Bucky is strong, powerful and well trained, so much that almost kills Captain America. One shot, another, and another… In a last breath, Steve manages to place the chip. The three ships are prepared for self-destruction. Maria says Steve to leave the ship, and then he sees that Bucky is trapped…

tumblr_n25oht6dvc1qgh3fyo3_250Steve, weakened by wounds, raises the metal that has caught Bucky and the Winter Soldier doesn’t understand what is happening so he punches over and over again to Steve, the captain drops his shield… Falling vacuum … “You my friend, “Steve tells Bucky. The expression of the eyes of Bucky, awesome, totally awesome how see

Falling to the emptiness… “You are my friend,” Steve says to Bucky. The expression of Bucky’s eyes, awesome, totally awesome how seemed to remember. Steve is trying to make him remember using a phrase that in a flashback, Bucky told him “With you until the end.” It seems to work for a few seconds but Bucky makes Steve fall down the ship and sink in the river deep… Deeper every time… Steve fainted, without moving…

Everyone is asking where is Steve, everyone is safe unless Captain America.


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